Hiby-Bardon-Hession Trio


Hans Peter Hiby   ts/as/ss

Michael Bardon   b

Paul Hession        dr


Foto by Antje Zeis-Loi


In 2016 German saxophonist Hans Peter Hiby founded the „Hiby-Bardon-Hession Trio“,

with English drummer Paul Hession and Irish bass player Michael Bardon. The Trio
works in the field of free jazz and European improvised music. After successful concerts

in November 2016 in England and Wales and June 2017 in Germany, their 

studio recording „Roots“ was released as a CD on Not Two Records in October 2017.

The critic Hartmut Sassenhausen of the Westdeutsche Zeitung wrote in March 2018:

„ The saxophonist Hans Peter Hiby ends his creative break with the album „Roots“.

Two first-class musicians are in attendance: double bass player Michael Bardon and

drummer Paul Hession. Friends of free improvised music get their money`s worth

listening to this, because the three musicians interact brilliantly with each other. The

swirling, complex drum figures and artful bass riffs are an exellent match for Hiby`s

powerful, energetic playing. On the other hand, when there are quiet, contemplative

saxophone sounds, such as the number P.J. , Bardon and Hession deal very sensitively

with their instruments. Also the perfect handling of musical tension and relaxation as

well as flowing dynamics testify to a congenial understanding of each other.“


by Andreas Fischer
by Andreas Fischer

Hans Peter Hiby Trio


Hans Peter Hiby   ts/as/ss

Dieter Manderscheid  b

Paul Hession   dr




Hiby-Manderscheidt-Sauerborn Trio


Hans Peter Hiby   ts/as/ss

Dieter Manderscheid   b

Thomas Sauerborn   dr




Foto by Louisa Müller