Hans Peter Hiby        ts/as/ss

Reza Askari                el-b

Thomas Sauerborn  dr








Foto by Paul Hiby


The newly founded trio "HIPPNA" succeeds in developing the most complex sound worlds

from a mixture of jazz, rock and improvised music in a fluent communication of direct ideas

and sophisticated artistry. The perfect handling of musical tension and relaxation as well as

flowing dynamics testify to a congenial understanding for each other. Although the three

musicians are rooted in the tradition of jazz, they are searching for their own way, which is

free of fear of contact. Not only the friends of freely improvised music get their money's

worth while listening to them.


Hiby-Bardon-Hession Trio


Hans Peter Hiby   ts/as/ss

Michael Bardon   b

Paul Hession        dr


Foto by Antje Zeis-Loi



This trio developed from the Hiby/Hession duo, which was established in 1986, when the two musicians

met in Hiby’s hometown of Wuppertal. The duo was augmented over the years with double bassists,

including Roberto Bellatalla, Marcio Mattos, Peter Kowald and Dieter Manderscheid, but it was not until

2016 that the young Irish bassist Michael Bardon joined to form the present trio. He is the perfect foil for

the two other musicians, acting as a melodic fulcrum and the resulting music is passionate and questing

while balancing a full spread of dynamics with allusions to an earlier jazz tradition. This trio takes the

listener on a journey by fully exploring the formal possibilities inherent in every encounter and by being

sensitive to each other and the unique acoustic properties of every playing environment. Friends of free

improvised music get their money`s worth listening to. Because the three musicians harmonize brilliantly

with each other. The swirling, complex drum figures and artful bass riffs are an excellent match for Hiby`s

powerful, energetic playing.


by Andreas Fischer
by Andreas Fischer

Hans Peter Hiby Trio


Hans Peter Hiby   ts/as/ss

Dieter Manderscheid  b

Paul Hession   dr





Hiby-Manderscheid-Sauerborn Trio


Hans Peter Hiby   ts/as/ss

Dieter Manderscheid   b

Thomas Sauerborn   dr




Foto by Louisa Müller