Hans Peter Hiby (ts/as)

Rieko Okuda (p)

Meinrad Kneer (b)

Willi Kellers (dr)

The Hiby/Okuda/Kneer/Kellers Quartet

brings together an impressive variety of

musical backrounds and influences, from

deeply rooted jazz and classical music

to the frontiers of free improvisation.

Hans Peter Hiby, known for his powerful

presence and innovation in the field of

avant-garde jazz, together with Rieko

Okudas`s virituoso piano playing, Meinrad Kneer`s masterful double bass and Willi Kellers` dynamic drumming, form

an ensemble that takes the audience into new musical dimensions.

Hans Peter Hiby Quartet

Hans Peter Hiby (ts/as)

Jeb Bishop (tb)

Dieter Manderscheid (b)

Martin Blume (dr)


The explosive music of this quartet comes from

spontaneous playing and draws inspiration from

both the American and European traditions of

free jazz and free improvisation. It is an inter-

flowing communication of concrete ideas,

risk-taking, surprising decisions, with and

against each other.



Hans Peter Hiby (ts/as)

Thomas Herberer (tp)

Dieter Manderscheid (b)

Frank Samba (dr)

 The four musicians of RHIZOME PARK are

connected by a hidden network of roots: they

have played together for decades - in addition

to other musical activities - in different

combinations and styles, e.g. Hiby/Manderscheid/

Moholo, Frank Schulte Switchbox, Tome XX,

Brötzmann/Samba/Manderscheid, Tippett/Stabbins/

Manderscheid/Samba and many others, but never together in one line-up. All four are united by their love of improvised jazz,

in which each of them has found and developed their own sound.