January 27                     Bonn (D)

G.P.Timpanidis (b)

H.P.Hiby (ts/as)

M.Blume (dr)

O.Govaert (dr)


Georges P. Timpanidis (sax)

Hans Peter Hiby (sax)

Klaus Kugel (dr)

Christos Yermenoglou (dr)


In preparation:

March              Thessaloniki (GR)

March              Athens (GR)

Shoji Hano - Hans Peter Hiby Duo

Shoji Hano (dr)                           Hans Peter Hiby (sax)      


All concerts of the first half year are cancelled due to

the coronavirus crisis and postponed to next year.



April 02            in prepation

April 04            Yokohama

April 05            Yokohama

April 07            Fukuoka

April 08            Hiroshima

April 09            Okayama

April 10            Okayama

April 11            Kyoto

April 12            Ichinomiya

April 13            in preparation


May 10            Bochum
May 11             in peparation

May 12            Dortmund

May 13            Bonn

May 14            Saarbrücken

May 15            Schorndorf

May 16            Wuppertal

May 17            Köln



Hans Peter Hiby (ts/as)


The festival was cancelled due to the

Corona crisis and postponed until next year.


Sept. 19      Ruhr Jazz Festival