Hans Peter Hiby



Saxplayer. Born 1962 in Gevelsberg, Germany.

Has worked since 1985 as a performer and composer

with several musicians and in different musical situations,

both as a collaborator and in leading his own groups

including musicians like: 

Paul Hession, Dieter Manderscheid, Peter Brötzmann,

Louis Moholo, Roberto Bellatalla, Alan Silva, Werner Lüdi, Martin Blume,

Alan Wilkinson, Peter Kowald, Johannes Bauer, Sirone, Onno Govaert,
Raoul von der Weide, Paul Rodgers, Martin Theurer, Paul Rutherford
Willie Kellers, Marcio Mattos, Jeb Bishop, Alan Tomlinson, Thomas Sauerborn, Stefan Keune,  a.m.o.


Concerts/Festivals in: Germany, Holland, Belgium,

Luxemburg, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Greece,

and England.