At the Moers Festival 2022 a joint performance - for the

first time this band, put together by me, for the ANNEX

at the Moers Festival plays together and it was just great!

After the performance, spectators came: "This was very

much in the spirit of the tradition of Moers - international

and music of the free jazz scene." In the quintet I played

with John Dikeman - sax, Reza Askari - bass, Shoji Hano -

drums, Willi Kellers - drums - a dynamic, intercultural

musical mixture - the most different musicians meet to

improvise together - and it worked!

Since the festival, this music continues to ring in all our ears.

So much energy, so much flow, so many acoustic,

spontaneous encounters and so much warmth we have all

rarely experienced. It is clear to us that this quintet must

continue to perform, must reach as many people as possible

and shake them awake, should radiate intensity and fullness.

There is much more to it, the sounds in Moers are just the

beginning, here it already showed how wild and fearless and

at the same time how sensitive and economical this music is.

These sounds must simply continue to resound!     

In this quintet excellent musicans meet, who all play with the

belly and little with the head. Here different cultures, schools

and generations meet and develop something new together. Trend-setting and representative for a developing cultural

life in Germany - melting pot! An intergenerational, intercultural, musical dialogue and yet at the beginning and at the

end there is improvisation.