Hans Peter Hiby



Born 1962 in Gevelsberg / Nordrhein-Westfalen, has lived in Wuppertal since 1967. Works, as musician and composer

since 1985 in the international context of the contemporary avant-garde of jazz and improvised music.


He got his first tenor saxophone in 1979 from the saxophonist Peter Brötzmann. From the mid-1980s on, he first played

with various musicians of the Wuppertal scene and in 1985, together with the Wuppertal painter and gallerist

Jürgen "Bolle" Grölle and other players, he presented the performance Perpetuum Moda.


In spring 1986 Hans Peter Hiby met the English drummer Paul Hession. The two decided to form a duo and toured

Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and England in autumn 1986. This was the first of many tours of the duo.


In the same year he rented an empty factory floor with Jürgen "Bolle" Grölle and Ulrich Halstenbach and they invited a

large number of musicians and artists to Wuppertal for the "Postnuclear Action Days" festival.


In 1988 he recorded the LP "The real case" with Paul Hession.


From the end of the 1980s until the end of the 1990s he played among others in the

- Duo with Peter Kowald (b),

- Duo with Paul Hession (dr)

- Trio with Roberto Bellatalla (b), Paul Hession (dr),

- Trio with Fredo Gubler (git), Axel Kottsieper (dr),

- Trio with Luc Houtkamp (sax), Willi Kellers (dr),

- Trio "Exile" with Sirone (b), Louis Moholo (dr)

- Quartet with Johannes Bauer (tb), Marcio Mattos (b), Martin Blume (dr),

- Quartet with Peter Kowald (b), Viktor Jäckel (ts/bs), Paul Hession (dr)

- Quartet with Marcio Mattos (b), Roberto Bellatalla (b), Paul Hession (dr).


In the 1990s Hans Peter Hiby gave his first solo concerts in Germany, England, Greece and in the former Czechoslovakia.


After a musical break, he made his comeback debut in 2015 in a duo with Martin Blume and in a trio with his long-time friend

and drummer Paul Hession and bassist Dieter Manderscheid. Together with the Irish bassist Michel Bardon, the trio

"Hiby-Bardon-Hession" was formed, with which he has been enjoying international musical success since 2016. The trio's CD

"Roots" (Nottwo Records), recorded in 2018, was highly praised by the press.                                                                                                            

Martin Schray wrote about Hiby`s trio and CD Roots in the Free Jazz Blog:

“Saxophonist Hans Peter Hiby is one of the great mysteries in Germany’s free jazz scene. Roots is my comeback album of the

year, it’s a real treat for fans of Dave Rempis, Mats Gustafsson or Ken Vandermark”.


His literature project "Kokain (von Walter Rheiner)" with the actors Hans Richter and Olaf Reitz as well as his solo concerts and

his duo concert with Peter Brötzmann brought him great recognition.


Since 2015 he has played among others in the

- Duo with Peter Brötzmann (sax)

- Duo with Shoji Hano (dr)

- Duo with Paul Hession (dr)

- Duo with Martin Blume (dr)

- Trio with Fred Lonberg-Holm (cel), Camille Emaille (dr)

- Trio with Dieter Manderscheid (b), Paul Hession (dr)

- Trio with Michael Bardon (b), Paul Hession (dr)

- Trio with Dieter Manderscheid (b), Thomas Sauerborn (dr)

- Quartet with Rieko Okuda (p), Meinrad Kneer (b), Willi Kellers (dr)

- Quartet with Jeb Bishop (tb), Dieter Manderscheid (b), Martin Blume (dr)

- Quartet with Stefan Keune (sax), Hans Schneider (b), Martin Blume (dr)

- Quintet with John Dikeman (sax), Reza Askari (b), Shoji Hano (dr), Willi Kellers (drums)


Besides his collaboration in the above mentioned formations he played with several international musicians from the free jazz - and improvised music scene like: Paul Rodgers, Martin Theurer, Sirone, Paul Rutherford, Werner Lüdi, Alan Silva, Alan Wilkinson, Chris Corsano, Raoul von der Weide, Mette Rassmusen, Onno Govaert, Rieko Okuda, Willi Kellers, Meinrad Kneer, Wolfgang Schmidke,  and many others.


Hans Peter Hiby also dealt musically with other cultural areas, for example in his work with the visual artists A.R.Penck, Dirk Thiele, Jürgen "Bolle" Grölle, Sotosz and Markus Lüppertz.